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Delve into the broad field of economics, which examines the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economics includes the study of how individuals, businesses, governments, and nations make choices on allocating resources to satisfy their wants and needs and tries to determine how these groups should organize and coordinate efforts to achieve maximum output. The building blocks of economics are the studies of labor and trade.

There are two main branches of economics: microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics analyzes how individual consumers and producers make decisions within an economy, including how they trade with one another, the effects of supply-and-demand on the prices of goods, the efficiency and costs associated with producing goods and services, how labor is divided and allocated, uncertainty, risk, and strategic game theory within specific markets. Macroeconomics analyzes the economy as a whole (regionally, nationally, or globally); this economic analysis encompasses government fiscal and monetary policy, unemployment rates, growth as reflected by changes in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and business cycles that result in expansion, booms, recessions, and depressions.

There are several schools of thought within the field of economics, but the most well-known are the Classical and Keynesian schools. The Classical view believes that free markets are the best way to allocate resources, with limited government intervention. The Keynesian school (named for economist John Maynard Keynes), believes that the government needs to intervene in the economy on occasion to actively reallocate resources efficiently.

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Economics Resources

Gale provides scholarly resources to advance the study of economics including economics databases, primary source archives, and eBooks. These resources include articles from economics publications and economics literature that can be used to study basic economics, socioeconomics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic policy, fiscal policy, international trade, world development, externalities, and more. 


Gale databases offer researchers and professionals access to credible, up-to-date articles from industry publications including full-text articles from industry magazines, domestic and international journals, trade journals, trade magazines, newspapers, and other industry journals. 


Primary Source Archives

Gale primary source archives provide researchers with firsthand content including editorials, news, surveys, statistics, and industry reports that can be used to examine and analyze economic thought, history, and theory.


Gale eBooks

Gale offers a variety of economics eBooks that can be added to a customized collection and cross-searched to pinpoint relevant content when researching. Below is a sample of eBooks that are available on the Gale eBooks platform.

  • Understanding Economics: Money, Banking and Finance, 1st Edition

    Understanding Economics: Money, Banking and Finance, 1st Edition

    Britannica Digital Learning | 2018 | ISBN-13:9781538302729

    At the crux of the complex study of economics lies an entity that all students are readily familiar with money. Understanding how currency and its corollaries, banking and finance, function within an economy is at the heart of this title.  Coverage complements the social studies curriculum dealing with national and global economics.

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  • Trump, Trade, and the End of Globalization, 1st Edition

    Trump, Trade, and the End of Globalization, 1st Edition

    Praeger | 2019 | ISBN-13:9781440861314

    Globalization has in part been a zero-sum game over the last 20 years, as China's middle and upper classes have grown sharply while Western economies have stagnated. Wealthy countries, most notably the United States and the United Kingdom, are now on the brink of abandoning free trade as it includes both the principles and the theories behind it because their economies cannot compete with those of China and some developing countries. Prevailing protectionist attitudes and policies are based on short-term thinking and will disappoint future generations. According to author David S. Jacoby, a "new multilateralism" can provide a way out of this impending disaster by preserving innovation and growth while also curbing the impact of countries that manipulate currency, disparage the environment, and violate human rights. Jacoby clearly explains how industrialized nations can compete on a basis of differentiated technology and innovation while letting developing countries compete on a basis of manufacturing, components, and materials and makes a strong case for why the West should recommit to global trade.

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  • How Our Choices Impact Earth: Fair Trade and You, 1st Edition

    How Our Choices Impact Earth: Fair Trade and You, 1st Edition

    Rosen Central | 2019 | ISBN-13:9781508181491

    This insightful title teaches readers what fair trade is and how it promotes humane working conditions worldwide. Readers learn how to recognize fair trade goods while shopping and the lasting benefits that fair trade has for the economy. Readers are introduced to fair trade manufacturers of coffee, chocolate, and clothing. Also included is a captivating Myths and Facts section along with 10 Great Questions to Ask Your Science Teacher. This book is especially important because it teaches readers about the origin of the products they buy and the hard work that goes into their production.

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  • Positioning Markets and Governments in Public Management, 1st Edition

    Positioning Markets and Governments in Public Management, 1st Edition

    Information Science Reference | 2019 | ISBN-13:9781522541783

    States and markets are integrated segments of government that rely on one another for efficient operation. Research on the workings and happenings among these two entities is essential to ensure optimal functioning of public management and the political economy. This title is an advanced reference publication featuring the latest scholarly research on modern-day issues within political economy. Including coverage on a range of topics such as public policy, healthcare, and immigration, this book is ideally designed for professionals, researchers, and students interested in research and frameworks concerning governments and markets.

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