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Gender and Women's Studies 

Take a look at the academic discipline of gender and women’s studies, which focuses on the experiences and aspirations of women as well as the cultural construct of masculine and feminine identity.

Women’s studies began to be taught in the late 1960s and 1970s as women became more numerous, visible, and vocal on college campuses as part of a larger culture of protest in the 1960s, which included the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement. The creation of a unique discipline focusing on women stemmed from the belief that women were underrepresented or misrepresented in more traditional academic disciplines. To correct this discrepancy, women’s studies programs are interdisciplinary by design, with courses touching on education, literature, history, political science, philosophy, psychology, ethnic studies, biology, medicine, religious studies, and international relations, among others, centralizing women and the theoretical frameworks of feminism within those fields.

The connection between women’s studies and gender was a major shift in the 1990s. Feminist scholarship on women had long grappled with the question of gender, including relationships among men and women, masculinity and femininity, and social power. By 2000, there were nearly 800 women’s studies programs, and most had added a concern with gender to their curriculum. In the 21st century, gender and women’s studies increasingly included studies related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) identities, although LGBT studies is sometimes treated as a separate discipline.

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Gender and Women's Studies Resources

Gale provides gender and women’s studies resources that support research, including databases, primary source archives, and eBooks.


Gale databases offer gender studies databases and women’s studies databases to support research.

Primary Source Archives

Gale Primary Sources contains archives and collections that provide researchers with firsthand content, including historical documents, archives, journals, and news articles that can be used to examine and analyze gender and women's studies.

Gale eBooks

Gale offers a variety of eBooks covering a wide range of gender and women's studies topics, including equity, gender identities, mass media, and more. Users can add Gale eBooks to a customized collection and cross-search to pinpoint relevant content. Workflow tools help users easily share, save, and download content.

  • Gender and Diversity Representation in Mass Media, 1st Edition

    Gender and Diversity Representation in Mass Media, 1st Edition

    Information Science Reference | 2020 | ISBN-13: 9781799801306

    Perspectives on gender and gender expectations can vary from culture to culture. These perspectives are variable and can change over time or due to a societal crisis. Media representations of gender identities portray essential patterns and definitions that help define the culture they are presented within, as well as influence perceptions and stereotypes on gender and gender roles. This essential research book examines social gender representations in mass media with respect to cultural variety and is indicative of expectations and stereotypes of specific genders or gender identities within a specific culture. Featuring a wide range of topics such as gender politics, transmedia, and masculinity, this book is essential for academics, sociologists, communications practitioners, industry professionals, producers, editors, marketers, students, researchers, social activists, and policymakers.

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  • Gender Equity in the Medical Profession, 1st Edition

    Gender Equity in the Medical Profession, 1st Edition

    Medical Information Science Reference | 2020 | ISBN-13: 9781522596004

    The presence of women in the practice of medicine extends back to ancient times; however, up until the last few decades, women have comprised only a small percentage of medical students. The gradual acceptance of women in male-dominated specialties has increased, but a commitment to improving gender equity in the medical community within leadership positions and in the academic world is still being discussed. This book delivers essential discourse on strategically handling discrimination within medical school, training programs, and consultancy positions in order to eradicate sexism from the workplace. Featuring research on topics such as gender diversity, leadership roles, and imposter syndrome, this book is ideally designed for health professionals, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, hospital directors, board members, activists, instructors, researchers, academicians, and students seeking coverage on strategies that tackle gender equity in medical education.

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  • The Need to Know Library: Everything You Need to Know About Nonbinary Gender Identities, 1st Edition

    The Need to Know Library: Everything You Need to Know About Nonbinary Gender Identities, 1st Edition

    Rosen Young Adult | 2020 | ISBN-13: 9781508187639

    In a society where most people refer to themselves as male or female, teens who identify as nonbinary can struggle to feel accepted. This essential volume explains what it means to identify as nonbinary and discusses the challenges that come with having a gender identity that is not well understood. Readers will learn the difference between gender and birth sex and discover the many variations of gender identity that fall under the umbrella of nonbinary. This volume also discusses coming out as nonbinary, gender dysphoria and transition, and resources available for teens dealing with issues surrounding gender identity.

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  • Women's Influence on Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in STEM Fields, 1st Edition

    Women's Influence on Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in STEM Fields, 1st Edition

    Information Science Reference | 2019 | ISBN-13: 9781522588719

    Women are typically not well represented in STEM fields. These same women experience difficulties in advocacy and leadership as well as hiring and promotion. Women of color, regardless of discipline, face this narrative daily and often throughout their entire careers. This title seeks to critically examine the strategies that women across class and cultural groups use and the struggles they face in order to become successful in professional fields that include business; politics; and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). While highlighting topics that include higher education, workplace perceptions, and information literacy, this publication is ideal for public administrators, human resources professionals, sociologists, academicians, researchers, and students interested in gender studies, public administration, the biological sciences, psychology, computer science, and the STEM fields.

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