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Achieve Your Instructional Goals

Support for teachers is essential. But it doesn’t look the same for everyone in your learning community. Make it easier for educators to collaborate across teams and keep students engaged with effective classroom resources for teachers. Building on the foundation of Gale In Context digital resources and your school’s student-facing Gale eBooksGale In Context: For Educators merges quality, standards-aligned material with ready-to-use lesson plans across a variety of disciplines and offers instructional tools to help teachers achieve their professional goals.


Have a Greater Impact on Student Outcomes

Find out how you can use the current, trusted content within Gale In Context to meet the needs of everyone in your learning community. Review findings from a yearlong study conducted by Gale and Project Tomorrow® and discover the benefits of using educational digital resources and their impact on student outcomes.


Reviews & Testimonials

Find out what educators have to say about Gale In Context: For Educators as a collaborative instructional tool.

  • Provide Standards-Aligned Content

    With a subscription to Gale In Context resources, students and teachers have access to a variety of primary sources, experiments, case studies, academic journals, magazines, newspapers, books, images, podcasts, and videos. And with lesson plans to support core social studies, English language arts (ELA), literacy, and science subjects, as well as financial literacy, essential skills, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, accessing classroom resources for teachers and integrating this trusted content into instruction is easier than ever.

  • Set Teachers Up for Success

    Educators are continually stretching, growing, and teaching in new ways. And as every school leader knows, in order for students to succeed, teachers have to be successful first. Even when schools and districts have the technology ecosystem to support digital learning, it can be challenging for teachers to find the most effective ways to use digital resources as a supplemental tool to support daily instruction. 

    Learn how teachers can better use instructional tools to collect, organize, customize, and share classroom instructional materials to effectively support diverse classes.

  • Tap into Federal and State Funds

    Recognizing the importance of instruction, the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act provides federal funding to primary and secondary education, with funds specifically authorized for professional development, instructional materials, and supportingeducational programs as well as classroom resources for teachers. 

    With the challenges teachers face today, the need for on-demand training and support has never been greater. Maximize your district’s ARP Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds with Gale’s K-12 educational resources for teachers that provide competency-based instruction, recover unfinished learning, support social and emotional learning (SEL), and more. Gale partnered with McREL International, a nonprofit education research organization, to demonstrate a rationale for Gale In Context: For Educators that you can use to help secure funding.

  • Awards & Recognition


Look Inside

Find curriculum-aligned instructional content by state or national standards.

Browse content aligned to units and topics within your course curriculum.

Easily customize resources and share using LMS, Google, or Microsoft tools.

Create curated text sets and use simple tools to organize assignments.

Fueled by Gale In Context Student Resources

Gale In Context student resources meet the needs of today’s learners with a user-friendly, mobile-responsive design. Eye-catching, engaging, topical databases seamlessly integrate trusted content with curriculum-aligned materials that span core subjects and provide educational resources for teachers, including BiographyCanadaEnvironmental Studies, Global IssuesOpposing ViewpointsScienceU.S. History, and World HistoryGale In Context: For Educators is also powered by Gale In Context: Elementary, Gale In Context: Middle School, and Gale In Context: High School resources.


Platform Features & Tools

Curriculum Alignment

Support curriculum with instructional materials, lesson plans, and classroom activities aligned to national and state standards. 

Collaboration Tools

Create personal content sets for organizing classroom materials to share with students and colleagues via LMS or Google Classroom. 

Customization Tools

Leverage the document tool panel to customize the content and build content components into lessons or artifacts for class.

Gale In Context: For Educators Pricing

  • Gale In Context: For Educators can be purchased at the state, district, or individual building levels, by public, private or charter schools.
  • Pricing is developed based on full time enrollment.
  • Pricing is subscription based, although multiyear packages are available.
  • Pricing is impacted by the purchasing entity’s existing holdings.

Receive special pricing when you purchase multiple In Context products with Gale In Context: For Educators. Learn more and enjoy a free trial of Gale In Context: For Educators.